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Optimized Paper Handling & Logistics

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    OPHAL_screen_opt: (PDF, 14.6 MB) It only takes a few seconds to download this file that has been optimised by DALIM SOFTWARE’s PDFLight for high-end PDF optimisation. The size savings, along with the ultra fast, high quality display allows its use on mobile devices.
  • OPHAL_print_opt: (PDF, 209.4 MB) This file contains high-resolution photos and graphics data. The file was optimised by DALIM SOFTWARE and is recommended for print-on-demand and on-screen reading on desktop and laptop PCs.
  • OPHAL_eBook: (epub, 84.3 MB) This file is ideal for reading the guide as an eBook with an epub compatible eBook application like e.g. iBooks from Apple. It has been optimised by DALIM SOFTWARE.
  • OPHAL FlipBook: (HTML5 link) Use your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to read this online copy of the OPHAL e-book in your web browser, a convenient technology for e-book reading on mobile devices produced by DALIM SOFTWARE’s collaborative ES platform.

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